Installation, integration and advantageous delivery times

Platform installation and integration with the currently-used systems.

Important stages

  • POC (observing the platform and operating procedures; testing and finalising the Analysis Report) and the actual implementation - development, programming
  • At the end of the implementation comes the UAT (User Acceptance Testing), which refers to the document containing the specifications, to the application with specific features and testing scenarios
  • Once the UAT agreement has been reached, the User Manual is created;
  • The mapping is not changed, as any modifications to the agreed schema may result in changes to various scenarios which may thus create a new flow.


  • Actual platform implementation
  • Implementating the streams, so that there is a well-structured and organised course of action for the department involved
  • Development of all that agreed upon in the Analysis Report
  • Customised system operation according to corporate needs.

Operating procedures

  • We enact the Analysis obtained during the Consultation phase
  • We recommend the appointment of a Project Manager to supervise the progression of the project
  • We receive feedback and make any modifications accordingly
  • We connect the platform to external databases
  • We draft the User Manual
  • We offer training to a key user to keep the team informed