Document management and internal flow automation

Management - automation

DocuWare: a document management and workflow automation system that helps you comply with all document-based procedures.

Archiving - indexing

Docuware comes with a simple archiving structure that allows you to index key data, along with organise and diligently control access to documents.

Storage - protection

The total number of documents within a company doubles after 3 years. This results in an immense volume of paper that must be stored, organised and safeguarded.

Advantages of DocuWare

  • The solution can be developed based specifically on the business model
  • ntegrations are permitted
  • Easy to use, intuitive
  • It allows workflows
  • Metadata helps document identification
  • Digital archiving
  • Full-text Index – Text indexing
  • OCR - text recognition
  • On-Premise or Cloud possibilities
  • Practical solutions for the Accounting and Human Resource department through DocuWare Kinetic Solutions

Eliminating paper

Digitalisation of paper documents is the easiest way to achieve digital transformation.

Cost reduction - Save significantly by eliminating paper and hardcopy storage costs.

Increase security - Limit access to certain documents and information to certain people and prevent any manipulation. Easily restore archived digital files in case of unexpected disasters such as a fire or other circumstances in which hardcopies could not be recovered.

Time-saving - Reduce the total duration of the processing cycle by 75% in key departments - Human Resources, Finance, IT, Marketing, Legal Operations and other core activities.

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