Business digitalisation

Going digital provides real-time access to detailed information


A single platform for all business streams and procedures.

Operational excellency

Optimise processes, reduce execution time and offer services and products with the help of smaller yet more efficient teams.

Business development

Process and procedure automation enables business expansion, opening new lines of business and accessing new markets.

Digital streams

Human Resources

  • digitally-recorded periods of leave
  • training organisation
  • automatic completion of standardised forms

Finance and accounting

  • invoice approval
  • supplier payment
  • digital acquisitions
  • expense and travel reports
  • payment of dues and taxes
  • electronic registration


  • contract management
  • connecting contracts with invoices
  • quickly finding and monitoring customer invoices


  • measuring customer satisfaction
  • event organisation
  • online catalogue with company documents  


  • IT incident management via online signalling
  • creating a new user or mass users

   Customer Service

  • off-site operation management
  • complaint management


  • product stock and delivery management


  • automated procedures regarding GDPR requests.

About Beck et al. Romania and the expectations of its customers

5 benefits of Digital vs. Analogue operations

Digitalised business operations together with
Beck et al.

State-of-the-art computing platform for business digitalisation

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