Digital transformation in a simple way. Fast. Customised.


  • Internal business processes are quickly and automatically developed
  • Assessment of needs and prices, data collection
  • Transparency in bookings and stocks
  • Reduced time for procedural activities
  • Maximised reaction speed


  • It is essential to have an overview of the financial situation
  • Cost optimisation
  • Increased efficiency due to the exchange of integrated data
  • Creating electronic invoices with links to information
  • Archiving and exchanging receipts with no material costs

Human Resources

  • Digitalisation saves time to spend on more important activities
  • Promoting decentralisation and collaboration from anywhere
  • Real-time information exchange and fast solutions
  • Transparency regarding personnel responsibilities
JobRouter translates any internal processes (holidays, expense reports, packaging management, etc.) that were previously performed in a range of files, by email or hardcopy. Thanks to its flexible, modular and scalable technology, teams can use the platform to individually identify internal applications.

JobRouter Features

  • Stable platform
  • No optional modules
  • Ensures security
  • Setting up customised streams
  • Permits creating unlimited instances in a single stream
  • The flow design adapts to each stage of the process
  • Automated notifications according to the status of the procedure
  • Short delivery times
  • Possiblity to connect the internal and external systems in use
  • During new developments, the system works productively

JobRouter advantages

  • Accomplishing a customised flow in a maximum 3 to 5 days
  • Time and cost predictability
  • No licence connection issues - the package includes 300 users
  • No usage limit
  • Control of each process
  • Viewing information on any type of device and making decision anywhere, anytime
  • Limited access to information in accordance with the role involved in the procedure
  • Reduced costs (decrease in the number of desktop licenses, eliminating paper, printing and the need to modify the ERP)
  • Undertaking swift digitalisation with JobRouter Solution Templates
  • Helps teams achieve great results in no time.

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